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Spirit of Little Things was conceived by three mates who had a dream to produce a small-batch artisan gin with a uniquely Australian fingerprint. When Mick, Josh and Tom started working on the idea in 2018, it was nothing more than a side-hustle that kept a lot of friends well-stocked in gin (very good gin if we may say so). But as the word spread, they realised they were onto something pretty special... and this gin had to be taken to the world.

Here’s a little about us…

we’d love to hear from you, our loyal SOLTIES!

Tom Martin

Tom is the "Master Distiller" of the trio who loves to push the boundaries of traditional gin and explore all the possibilities of contemporary Australian styles. He was a consultant wearing suits Monday to Friday and loved his job... but loved making gin just a little bit more (ok, a lot more). His favourite gin cocktail is a classic Martini or a SoLT Negroni... That's when he's not enjoying the SoLT Botanical served straight up (no ice)!

When he's not "doing gin" he's hanging with his wife, two kids and mini-lop rabbit Gary and watching the mighty West Coast Eagles.

Mick Seah

Although Mick loves the testing and development of our product range, he is accountable for driving a sustainable operation – creating quality products that can be shared for years to come. He loves SoLT neat, in a Martini and even enjoys the summertime Gin and Sparkling (a Gin-arkle?).

Mick enjoys cooking, eating, tasting wine, the beach, hanging out with his wife and 4 kids, and spending time with extended family and friends.

Josh Krueger

Josh brings innovative thinking and expertise to the SoLT team with an extensive background in contemporary digital marketing. While Josh loves a beer, thanks to his German heritage, his passion for gin has blossomed in recent years with many great evenings on the balcony drinking negronis with friends and family.

Josh loves sport and has a competitive streak that allows him to drive the business forward with great passion and enthusiasm. In his downtime he’s spending his time with his wife and three kids. Enjoys a quality cup of coffee (Ice long black), travelling to Bali and riding his road bike.

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