Learn about the distilling process

Want to know how we create our small-batch, artisan gins? Or how to refine your palate to pick out the intricate flavours of various botanicals? Little Things runs masterclasses that provide a unique hands-on experience for gin lovers, culminating in each participant creating a new, personalised cocktail.

Our gins are hand-crafted with meticulous precision to extract the optimal flavours from our botanicals and ingredients. The distilling process is intricate and finely tuned. In our masterclass, we’ll divulge our secrets and explain aspects such as maceration, straining, base gins, refinement and bottling. All while you sample the end product: our gin.

Experience a range of small-batch, artisan gins.

You’ll get to taste five of our hand-crafted gins, with these tastings supplemented with tonic and garnishes – to ensure you’re able to enjoy and learn in the most delicious way possible. As we teach you about the creation process of the gins, you can nibble on the platters of local gourmet food provided. If you find a gin you’d like to take home, we’ll give you $10 off that same-day purchase!

Create your own signature cocktail!

Put your new skills to the test – conceptualise and create a unique, personalised cocktail. We’ll teach you how to bring out the best in your gin and which ingredients pair well with each other. Leave the masterclass not only with your own signature cocktail but with the knowledge to create many of the cocktails we offer at our distillery. You’re now the friend everyone wants mixing and shaking!

What You Get:

  • Learn the art of bringing the best out of your gin and create your own cocktail!
  • Experience five of our hand-crafted gins: Australian Botanical, Australian Dry, Navy Strength, Signature and Tempranillo         (current seasonal).
  • Tastings are supplemented with tonic and garnishes.
  • Learn about the distilling process and the unique flavours of each gin.
  • Free cocktail.
  • Enjoy a platter of local meats and cheese.
  • Receive $10 off any same-day bottle purchase.
  • Available 3-4pm Thursdays and 1-2pm or 4-5pm on Saturdays.
  • Runs for 60 minutes.
  • Minimum four gin lovers.
  • $55pp.
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